Development of new programming languages for SDN

In this area the following works are in progress:

  • Development of new abstractions for SDN network applications programming.
    To simplify development and debugging of new applications it’s necessary to develop a high-level network application programming language to hide low-level aspects of OpenFlow.
  • Development of automatic rule generation system in SDN.
    It’s necessary to create OpenFlow rules automatically from high-level abstractions. Enhancement of Maple system is proposed as the basis, which is employed in open source version of RunOS controller.
  • Development of collision resolution system for SDN network applications.
    To simplify development and debugging of new applications, we need to develop a system for collision resolution and consolidation of OpenFlow protocol rules..
  • Working with heterogenous SDN switch hardware (partial OpenFlow handling, different packet processing pipelines, discriminatory rule tables and maximum number of rules)

To simplify creation of new applications for various OpenFlow switch architectures, it’s necessary to develop a translation system of full OpenFlow rules into their packet processing pipelines.


Контроллер Runos/Runos SDN controller
The Runos OpenFlow Controller
Advanced study of SDN/OpenFlow controllers
Системы автоматической генерации правил в программно-конфигурируемых сетях/Software-defined networks automatic rule generation systems
SDN programming challenges and approaches to handle them in an OpenFlow controller